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Introducing Rosso Dotto. A brand to capture your imagination

Design with heart

Stand out from the crowd with a range of unique products

Glass bricks

It’s concrete and it lets light through. WOW

Translucent concrete

Whatever you want. We can do and we do it well

Customised Glass

Illuminate your glass and your projects

Fred & Fred


Our story

17 years ago we set up a company selling glass blocks. Our products have an excellence and uniqueness that make us award winning. Our name is based on the Red Dot awards. Obviously, we put our spin on it. The Rosso is Italian for red. The dotto is an Italian play on words.

The company was founded to house some of our more colourful, creative products.

We have the design capability to bring your project life, retain the aesthetics and principles of your vision while maintaining construction practicalities.

Traditional techniques

We use the traditional manufacturing process called ‘Murano’. This  Venetian glass making technique has centuries of heritage. The method uses crystals brings out the brilliance of the glass.



We have over 17 years industry experience so we can help manage your project from a rough concept through to completion


Our expert team can install your vision. Professionally and in good time

Exclusive collaborations

We have scoured Europe for some exclusive partnerships with artisans and specialist factories. This means we can deliver great things at good prices


Click through our range of images to get inspiration

Translucent concrete

The concept of having a concrete structure that emits light is game changing

Customised glass

We take you through the whole process of design realisation, mould costs, lead times based around the feasiblity of your concept

Fred & Fred

Discovered whilst designing a glass block installation system. The first thing to capture attention was one image of a product that combined glass block aesthetic and illumination. The secondary moment of genius that made us want to represent Fred and Fred was the distinctive brand name.


Rosso Dotto are proud partner with a fantastic Italian producer to be able to deliver a range of glass bricks and customised glass and components. We offer a core range to select from but we have the capabilities to manufacture custom products which aren’t to expensive for low batch runs.

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